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Many businesses are facing a lot of uncertainty right now. The future is unknown, but one thing is clear: that a robust online and social media strategy is essential for all businesses going forward. Whilst I’m hopeful that this will be a priority for most businesses, I’m sure that it will become the last priority for many.


Businesses should be gearing up for online sales and be using social media to stay connected through the lockdown period.


As current restrictions are eased, I envisage Kiwis wanting to support New Zealand businesses, buy local products where possible and buy online.


Right now is the time to stay connected with your market, we have seen a spike in social media traffic with the lock down, so it’s an opportunity to build an even more engaged community.


There is no point in putting effort into social media if the results are that you’re just adding to the ever-increasing noise during this period. You need a clear strategy for what you are trying to achieve and to communicate with clarity.


In my earlier blogs, I suggested it’s important for you to tell your story, to show your values and give your followers an insight into the real you. I believe this is even more of a priority now – demonstrating any positive outcomes that you’re achieving, showing what you are doing to come out of this situation stronger and what you are doing to stay motivated.


If your community are influenced by your messaging and engage by applying some of what you’ve done or recommended to their own journey, they’ll be a supporter of your business and encourage others to do the same. This lockdown is the perfect opportunity to show others what’s behind your business.


There are many people giving their social media platforms are saturated with opinion right now, so it’s important not to get lost in this too. Have a look through social media today, which brands and companies are trying to involve their communities? And who are doing it well?


As an example, one of my clients is a Mexican Restaurant. I have recommended they create videos featuring their Head Chef demonstrating how to prepare and cook basic Mexican dishes in kitchen at home. A series of videos is content that is relatively easy to produce, informative, useful and will inspire their market as well as keep their team motivated too.

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