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My value is empowering brands by giving them the knowledge, tools, and support to tell their story, build their communities, and engage with their followers.

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Is Reflective Practise Part of Your Social Media Strategy?

Taking time to think about what you have posted and to analyse results of what worked and what didn’t is key to any strategy.
You need to learn from what you do to move forward especially in an area that is rapidly changing.
Did it achieve it's goal? Did you get the reach/exposure you wanted? Did it bring the engagement, shares, followers you had thought? Did it educate your market? Did it stimulate bookings and sales.
Some content will work better than you thought whilst other content won’t perform as planned.  This should be measurable if you have set goals of what you are wanting to achieve from your posting/campaigns.

What worked well and what didn’t can be down to many factors;

  • timing
  • platforms used
  • algorithm changes
  • structure of content
  • hashtags used
  • content posted by others at the same time
  • what you have posted previously and its performance
  • many other factors
One question I always ask myself in everything I do is 'If given the same circumstances again, what would I have done differently'?
I look at things on an annual plan and revolve my posting strategy around the calendar year. When I look at something that worked well I then add it back into the plan. Within the annual plan I have posts/campaigns that happen on a bi-annual, monthly and even weekly basis. But the plan is always adapting and changing based on what works and what doesn’t.
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I work on an advisory, campaign, strategy only or full delivery basis. 
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What I have learnt during COVID/Lockdown as a business and as an individual.

That businesses/individuals that can adapt and improvise the fastest will be in the best position going forward.

To appreciate what I have, not what I don’t have or what I have lost.

To accept that I have no control over everything in my life 'control the controllables’.

That it's okay to have down time to take in negative changes before recalculating a path forward.

That businesses that are clear and upfront with their customers will do better than those that aren't eg event deliverers should have a transparent event delivery and refund policy for all levels.

To avoid too much COVID media. It will make anyone go insane.

That I need less than I have - buy what I need not what I want.

To understand that others will have different opinions and that's okay.

To take time for reflective practise when so many changes are happening.

To be kind to others even if they aren’t - everyone deals with situations in their own way.

To 'do it now' and take advantage of opportunities that arise when you can, you never know whats around the corner.

That COVID has escalated many trends that were happening or going to happen anyway.

To expect the unexpected but definitely be prepared to change.

Do you ever feel like you need to do a post just to stay in front of your followers?

There is a much better way...

Reduce the clutter of too many posts giving effect content the space to grow and invest that time in commenting and engaging in the conversations on your followers accounts.

You need to get involved in the conversation around your industry to expand your community. Talking about what you are doing too much will turn followers off.

I recommend to my clients making this a scheduled regular task that will bring better returns even if it means less posting from your account.

Need help with social media strategy, creation or delivery? I can work on an advisory, campaign, strategy only or full delivery basis. Get in touch for a chat.



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