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My value is empowering brands by giving them the knowledge, tools, and support to tell their story, build their communities, and engage with their followers.

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Expand Your Content Team

Growing a content team is something I have been recommending for some time. I've found that many brands are scratching their heads looking for content and only posting because they feel they need to post something! Most of my network are in the swim, bike or run sectors and I have found athletes are a great option in providing user generated content (UGC) to tell the story of the brands they use and why. It's simple for them to do  and the quality of the message is more important than the quality of the production. In fact, its important that the content doesnt look manufactured or salesy as followers will switch off. UGC has more of an impact than the business creating the content to educate, influence or inspire their market. The secret to growing you content team is to look for contributors who's stories and values match with yours. They will have a better connection with your followers and you are likely to have more success with theirs. One very important point with choosing your team is that every contributor will have different value and it's all about unlocking that value and not trying to get the same thing out of every person in your team. Remember, be strategic about social media, schedule contributions in advance, built up content assets and work out what you are trying to achieve for each post and use different delivery methods based on social media trends. #ScottieTPhoto #Branding #SocialMedia #Content #Sponsorship #Ambassadors #AthleteBranding

How to Create Great Content

Those of you that have read my previous articles will know that I am a big believer in telling your story and showing your values. I believe that traditional advertising is dying and people want to know what’s behind a brand, ‘the why’. I strongly believe that your content should reflect your values and show your followers how your story is developing. The best brands take their followers on a journey.
  • Make sure that you know what you are trying to achieve with every post.
  • Have great creative images/videos that reflect the content of the post.
  • Every post should have a strong headline to draw the follower in.
  • Show what you learn from each opportunity and how you are growing.
  • Post for engagement, not likes or follows. Ask questions and request feedback.
  • Make people think.
  • Be topical around trends and what’s happening in your industry/region.
  • Network with others in your community to bring them into the conversation and show how they have added to your journey.
  • Plan posts as part of a series to draw followers back.
  • Be consistent so that followers know when to expect posts.
  • Encourage sharing and comments.
Get in touch if you want to talk brand strategy or need great content to tell your story. Source: Blog

Building Your Brand as an Athlete Part 5 - Where to Start!

Every athlete I have talked to is interested in the theory of telling your story, building your community and understanding how to offer true value. I believe that this concept will become mainstream and that if you're not on board you will find it harder to survive as an athlete as sponsors will come to expect it. Many athletes don't feel like they have the time or just don't know where to start. The truth is that they have already started. Most have their story and values in place but don't understand just how important they are. All are already engaging with their community. Very few understand their true value. Delivering value to sponsors can be in many forms including educating, inspiring, informing their communities and is much easier with new technologies and current social media trends. I advise working with existing sponsors, equipment providers and products and services that you are passionate about and that you use (in and out of your sport) and that match your values. How can you get more value for them in what you do on social media? Find out what they are really trying to achieve in your market and work with them to achieve it. With every new contact, I am learning about the value that athletes can offer and athletes will learn as they start delivering it too. What I have learned recently is that delivering value should also become part of their story. Athletes should be shouting it out so that existing and potential sponsors know they want to work together. Linkedin is the best forum for this but many young athletes I work with aren't even on it. I have also learned that companies don't necessarily understand how to deliver value either and many have standard agreements with ambassadors. Companies that run successful ambassador programs work with the athletes individually to help them achieve what they require and recognise the value of each athlete. It's common that businesses don't know how to increase your value either but if you can find it together they will be a sponsor forever. Get in touch if you want to talk athlete brand strategy. I'm happy to work on a campaign basis to show you what's possible.



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