Are you getting the most out of Facebook/Instagram Live?

Getting the most out of Facebook/Instagram Live is all about what you do before and after the live broadcast that counts.


  • What you want to achieve?
  • What is your main message you what to deliver?
  • Have a list of topics that you want to include?
  • How will the sound quality be?
  • How is the internet connection?

Post that you are going live (maybe a couple of days before) saying what the posts main message will be, list topics and ask for questions.

Explore who in your network/community should be tagged in as its relevant to them or they are part of the post? Add anyone who asks questions if possible.

Consider Cross Posting onto multiple Pages.

Create the text (ready to cut and paste) that you want to add to the post including those that you want to tag in as well as the #’s you want to use.

Do you know the platform and how it displays and how to access it? Instagram is in a portrait format and is accessible via stories where as Facebook is in a landscape format and available from creation of a post.

Have you considered bringing another person/brand into the live broadcast as a guest? It makes the post more conversational and less of a presentation.

Facebook and Instagram prioritise content that’s driving conversation and meaningful interactions between people. How can you make this happen?

Have you considered Facebook/s Live Producer? It makes it easier for you and sets out some great procedures.

Lastly once you have done the post, who can you share it with, how can you stimulate further discussions and engagement on it?

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