Why it is easier than ever to get sponsorship.

We currently live in a time where it’s easier than ever to get the funds to do the sport you love.

One thing that needs to be acknowledged is that its not philanropathy its a business transaction where you give value.

Previously sponsorship was about sticking a logo on your race kit and winning. It has evolved in a big way.

We live in the digital age where more and more people make decisions via the internet.  Companies need you to educate, inform, inspire and grow their audience. They need your content and help to do this.

Find products and and services you believe in, ones that you use as an athlete and in life, find companies that find in with your story, you values and your ‘why’.

If its too hard you are doing it wrong.

You shouldn’t be selling products/services, you should be showing how you use it and why you believe in them.

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