Building Your Brand as an Athlete Part 5 – Where to Start!

Every athlete I have talked to is interested in the theory of telling your story, building your community and understanding how to offer true value. I believe that this concept will become mainstream and that if you’re not on board you will find it harder to survive as an athlete as sponsors will come to expect it.

Many athletes don’t feel like they have the time or just don’t know where to start. The truth is that they have already started. Most have their story and values in place but don’t understand just how important they are. All are already engaging with their community. Very few understand their true value.

Delivering value to sponsors can be in many forms including educating, inspiring, informing their communities and is much easier with new technologies and current social media trends.

I advise working with existing sponsors, equipment providers and products and services that you are passionate about and that you use (in and out of your sport) and that match your values. How can you get more value for them in what you do on social media? Find out what they are really trying to achieve in your market and work with them to achieve it.

With every new contact, I am learning about the value that athletes can offer and athletes will learn as they start delivering it too.

What I have learned recently is that delivering value should also become part of their story. Athletes should be shouting it out so that existing and potential sponsors know they want to work together.

Linkedin is the best forum for this but many young athletes I work with aren’t even on it.

I have also learned that companies don’t necessarily understand how to deliver value either and many have standard agreements with ambassadors. Companies that run successful ambassador programs work with the athletes individually to help them achieve what they require and recognise the value of each athlete. It’s common that businesses don’t know how to increase your value either but if you can find it together they will be a sponsor forever.

Get in touch if you want to talk athlete brand strategy. I’m happy to work on a campaign basis to show you what’s possible.

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